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Use This Simple 5-Piece, 7-Figure Funnel to Attract Dream Clients To You!

I’ve used versions of the funnel below to ATTRACT and get HIRED by some of the best clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  No chasing, no “waiting to hear back”… no “last minute” phone calls.

This one simple shift in my business has given me my TIME back AND has helped me double my income because I’ve been able to focus on doing the work I LOVE, and the work I’m GOOD at.

So, if you’re a coach, consultant, or freelancer and you’d like a funnel that attracts more DREAM clients… feel free to copy mine.

Or, if you want my help to make SURE you’re getting IDEAL clients for you… I’d be glad to BUILD all 5 steps of your funnel FOR you.

That includes content, copy, emails, the images… all of it.

If I help you BUILD your funnel, my advice and content will have ONE goal:

** Help You Set up Your Ideal DREAM business that attracts your DREAM clients**

So, here’s the client-attraction system I’m using to land clients and keep a steady pipeline of ideal prospects.

1. Facebook ad.

The single most important skill I’ve learned with Facebook ads?

Getting noticed. THAT accounts for 90% of your success.

I can create your Facebook ad using the same tweak I use to get 87% Click Through Rate and higher. My goal is to gets you to stand out in a crowded Facebook feed so you’re not only seen… but seen before your competitors.

2. Squeeze Page that Communicates Your USP

On your squeeze page, offer something your prospects WANT and can use to move closer to their end goal.

It could be a PDF download with a unique piece of advice. It can be a video they can use right away to see results. You want to give something that positions you as unique as well as the best choice.

I’ll create your opt in page so it offers ONE actionable piece of advice and insight your prospect wants to know and see results with.

Once they use it to get a quick win… they’ll come back for everything else you’ve got.

Because it’s specific, actionable, and based on what they WANT… it will automatically help you stand out
from your competition.

3. Download Sent to Prospect

Once they opt in, give them a valuable tip that moves them closer to their goals and also positions you as the expert.

This is where we offer up one strategy or piece of advice your prospect can use to see results right away.

When they use it and SEE results… it builds incredible trust and loyalty. They see you as the obvious choice.

Believe me, you don’t want to offer some 60 page ebook… no one has time to read those today.

If you offer your prospects one piece of advice they can go out, use, and they SEE results… you’ve just won them over.

4. Thank you page

I’ll set up your Thank you page so it gives a limited-time special offer they want because of the discount AND because it gives them the benefits they want.

We’ll offer it as a massive discount for those who want to take action right away… so it helps you recoup some ad spend.

For consultants and coaches, this is also where you can offer a strategy call or paid consult. The “Thank you” page is also where you pre-qualify prospects and separate time wasters from serious candidates.

I have people land on the thank you page, fill out a short pre-qual application, and then set up a call to talk about their copy or marketing needs.

5. Email follow up.

Once they’ve opted in… send emails that show you’re different, unique, and THE expert they need.

Write your emails so they come to know, like, and trust you. The emails do a lot of the heavy lifting for you… moving prospects closer to wanting to work with YOU and only you.

My series of 3 emails will build trust and rapport with your prospect and will continue the relationship so you move them closer to buying your main product. Once you position yourself as the expert and offer them valuable insight and information… you stand out.

Then, when you offer them a product that solves their biggest pain problem… they’re more likely to buy because of the relationship you have with them.

There you have the 5 pieces I’ve been using for the last 10 years, both freelancing and now in my ad agency.

Here’s the initial whiteboard draft of an actual funnel I’m running with a current partner of mine.

It’s already hit 6-figures in sales and it’s on pace to do well over 7-figures.

Here’s another 5-part funnel I use at my ad agency where we get 2 to 3 real estate agents a week hiring
us to get them leads.

Realtors invest $1,000 or more to get this funnel…and it’s making my ad agency well over 7-figures…

If you’re a coach, consultant, or copywriter and you’d like a funnel that gets qualified prospects in your pipeline, follow the same steps I posted above.

Or, if you want a “next level” one…

I’ll custom build your 5 piece funnel for you!

I’ll create your Facebook ad, squeeze page, Thank you Page, emails, and a download you send prospects.

I’ll build it around your unique hook/angle we find together. I can be that “fresh pair of eyes” that gives you a unique perspective on what makes you different.

Often times, you’re too close to your business to see the forest for the trees. I’ll come in, help you pinpoint your uniqueness and hammer home your USP as it relates to what your prospects want.

Then, I’ll build your 5-piece funnel and all the content so you stand out as the logical choice in a sea of competition.

If you want my help to create a lead-generation funnel that makes you stand out as the best choice… it’s just $500 for the entire funnel.

Here’s where you go to book your spot…

Click here to get your 5 Piece Funnel

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