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Do You Run Facebook Ads?

If you’re currently running Facebook ads to get leads to your product or service…
NOTHING else matters with your ad unless it gets attention.
Facebook is Times Square times 1,0000….
Meaning you’ve got a SECOND to get the attention of your ideal prospect.
It all comes down to your image.
If your image doesn’t get attention, chances are your text won’t.
The WORST thing you can do is look at this like a marketer. As a marketer, I’m always checking out the sidebar and news feed for ads that are interesting enough to use as swipes.
Your prospects aren’t looking for ads.
So, instead of thinking like a marketer, think like your prospect and design your Facebook ad to get attention above all else.
Like headlines used to account for 90% of your ads success or failure… your image will account for 90% of your ads success or failure.
Simply because if it ain’t seen… it ain’t clicked.


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