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5 Simple Steps to a 7-Figure Funnel

Don’t let anyone tell you that your sales funnel has to be complicated.

It doesn’t, believe me.

In fact, there’s power in simplicity. Because what’s simple is easier to test and tweak.

And when something is easier to test and tweak and TRACK… it’s also easier to roll out and scale.

When you scale a campaign, that’s where the big bucks come in.

Here are the 5 simple parts to a 7-figure funnel that I put together for a client.

Not only is this the most profitable approach I’ve seen, it’s also the simplest.

So much so, that I’ve started using it for all of my online businesses.

1. Your Facebook ad

The main source of traffic most marketers use these days is Facebook.

That’s good, because it’s a huge traffic source. But, it can also be tough to stand out, because it’s so big.

That’s why it’s important that your main focus of your actual ad is to make it so it stands out and gets noticed.

That’s important, because if your ad doesn’t stand out… if it’s not seen, nothing else matters.

Believe me, the fastest and easiest way to stand out?

Your image. If you know a few tricks on how to find the perfect image for your ad… you will stand out and get noticed before your competitors.

2. Squeeze page

The days of offering e-books as lead magnets are DEAD.

Why? Well, for starters… no one has the time to read a full e-book they didn’t pay for.

Heck, I have 4 free e-books still sitting on my hard drive… unread. I just don’t have the time.

Thankfully, there’s one thing you can offer as a lead magnet that’s always going to be in demand.

By far, short 1-page PDF “cheat sheets” or “blueprints” or “guides” are working great.

Because they’re short and chunked down into bite size action steps, people can USE them and SEE results.

Let’s face it, most e-books are so long and so boring, most people forget what they read once they’re done.

But offer up a short, one page PDF guide with action steps… and you will get people wanting the info AND taking action with it.

And like your Facebook ad, your cheat sheet has to offer ONE thing that’s so unique and so different… people are compelled to find out what it is.

Believe me, you MUST stand out and be different with everything your funnel SAYS.

If your ad or squeeze page says the same thing as everyone else (and most of them do)… you’ll blend in with the noise.

You want to ZIG while others on Facebook ZAG… so you not only stand out, you get the click before competitors.

And by giving away ONE free technique they can use to see immediate progress… you’re showing you can indeed help them get where they want.

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