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Attention Internet Marketers and Small Business Owners: If you want more people to BUY from your emails...

5 Emails I Recently Wrote for a Client Brought in $312,225 in Sales!

Another Email I Wrote for a Client Pulled a 1700% Return on Investment!

If you're an internet marketer looking to increase your sales and profits... my series of 5 emails will get OPENED, READ, and persuade more people to BUY what you're selling.

After 15+ years of running my own businesses, tracking over 1,500 email campaigns, and selling over $34.8 million dollars worth of products and services... I'll write emails that get people to buy more of what you're selling...


My name is Shawn Lebrun and I've been a direct response copywriter and internet marketer for over 16 years now.

I'm also proud to say that I was recently named one of the 182 Greatest Copywriters of the Internet Age by Joey Bushnell and WebMarketingCircle.

My sales copy has sold over $36.5 million dollars (and counting) worth of products and services for my clients. And I've personally sold over $6.3 million of my own products and services.

I have one sales letter still online that's sold WELL over $2.2 million dollars worth of one fitness eBook over the years...

Here's the income from just ONE sales letter I wrote.

I have well over 20 sites that do this regularly.

Because my emails have been TESTED and proven to get people to take action and earn sales... I currently charge $800 for 5 of my emails.

But I want you to see, for yourself, the pulling power of my emails. So, for new clients... I'll PERSONALLY write a series of 5 profit-producing emails for you... emails that sell MORE of your product or service... and I'll write 5 of them for just $500.

With 5 emails that build up a persuasive story built around your offer... I'll time it so you get the most sales and profits from the most people.

Why is My Approach to Writing Emails so Profitable?

Well, after writing so many emails for my own businesses for the last 15 years... I've learned what works AND what doesn't.

When I write emails... I zero in on the BIG problem your prospects want solved.

Then, I show them how YOU can solve their pain. The more painful the problem... the more likely they'll buy NOW.

I don't use a "more benefits are better" shotgun approach with emails... trying to hit WAY too many problems at once.

Rather than focusing on a TON of problems, I focus my emails on the VERY biggest problem.

The ones people will spend money on to solve, like right now.

See, when you can describe their big, scary problem better than THEY can AND prove you can help them get rid of it....

They'll buy... and right now!

All they have to do to move away from the pain is to click on your link, visit your page, and buy.

There's no need for them to look around or “think about it”.

And to get the prospects to read your emails and lower their buying defenses... I write the 5 emails using an effective story that shows them how you can help solve their problem.

I use what Andre Chaperon calls a "Soap Opera Sequence" to reel them in and keep them hooked on the story.

By using a story line throughout all 5 emails... and tying them all together so they paint a vivid "before and after" picture of how your product or service can help... you'll get the best response and most sales.

Last week, I was hired to write emails for a long term client. I crafted 5 emails that followed up and sold his creatine supplement.

Worked like a charm... to the point where we racked up over $312,000 sales of one supplement for him, in one week.

Sure, not all was profit... but over 50% was.

Not a bad week.

Another recent client hired me to write 5 emails in the golf niche.

2 hours later, he tells me the email has already pulled in over $800...

By the end of the day, he told me the one email I wrote pulled in over $1800 in sales... or a 1700% ROI!

Because my emails have been TESTED and proven to get people to take action and BUY... let me take the reigns and make sure your emails do the same. That way, you can boost your sales and profits in less time.

Are My Emails Effective at Producing Sales?

Here's a typical month of sales for just one of my online businesses:

Then, I sat down and wrote this email series to send out to a list of fitness enthusiasts. My emails were so convincing and persuasive... they sold an extra $20,000 of an internet marketing course!

Here are the emails I wrote...

Here's my bank statement AFTER I wrote those emails...

Here's an email I wrote for a client last week (October 2016)

I was going up against 5 other top-notch email writers.

Sure enough... my email came out on top and beat all the other hired copywriters.

Here's the winning email I wrote...

I've Written for the Biggest Online Marketers

I’ve written copy for Anthony Trister, Mike Dillard, Lee McIntyre, Justin Blake, Maria Forleo, Mack Michaels, Ryan Deiss, Kate Buck, Ryan Moran, Chris Munch, Justin Michie, and MANY others.

For a very short time, I'll personally write 5 persuasive, profit-producing emails that get opened, read, & responded to.

With a good email series, you can literally DOUBLE your sales without paying a dime in additional costs. Even if a series of emails increased your sales by 20% to 30%... that could potentially mean tens or hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in profits.

Imagine if your email series sold an extra $10,000 or $20,000 a month in products like that email series did for me above? Many of my clients have gotten results like that.

Why My Emails Get Opened and Read...

One BIG reason my emails are so effective at selling is because I've learned from three of the world's best email copywriters... Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, and Matt Furey.

Adapting their email methods for my own businesses has helped me double... even TRIPLE my sales with email as well as crush a lot of competitors in many niches.

Like the 1,700% Return on Investment my golf client got above!

After selling over $6.3 million dollars worth of my own products and well over $36.8 million dollars for my clients... I've learned what works when it comes to writing emails that sell.

My emails aren't based on theory, they're based on the precisely tracked results I've gotten from running over 1,500 email campaigns for over 558 clients in the last 16 years.

Your Sales Copy Made Me An Extra $244,550

"I sell a $67 ebook on internet marketing. Before hiring Shawn, I'd sell about 10 ebooks a day and make about $670.

After using Shawn's new letter, my conversion rate doubled and now I sell about 18 to 20 ebooks a day, which is almost an extra $700 in my pocket each day, with the same amount of traffic. Shawn's letter made me an extra $244,550 a year, with no extra work on my behalf.

I spend a lot on Google Adwords and now it's at the point where for every dollar I spend on PPC, I get about $10.23 in profit in return.

Using Shawn has ballooned my one-man operation into a $2.5 million Internet company"

Jim Evans
Fitness direct mail/internet marketer

Conversion went from 4% to 33%

Shawn, Impressed is where I will begin... we are rocking a solid 33% CTR on the landing page with the first copy you suggested, will be testing the other ones, but just wanted to email you letting you know you did a great job. Previous copy converted at 4%.

Steve L. LH Media LLC

Sales are STILL Coming in...

Once I used the salesletter Shawn wrote for me I made my money back plus a lot more and the sales are still coming. So I can say with confidence now that it's true...

Shawn doesn't cost you money... he makes you money!

Paul Becker,

Sales Have Doubled...

Hi Shawn, I can say the page is converting better. Jan - June this year had a total of 56 sales, while the same dates for 2011 had 27 sales. I think my marketing for both time periods was fairly similar, so good improvement:)

Lisa Nelson RD,

Converted 5X Better Than Copy I Was Using

"I've known Shawn Lebrun for over 10 years and he's been one of my Internet Marketing mentors. He's one of the few guys in the industry that I completely trust and I know he has my best interest at heart. I make a passive income of 4K per month using just one tip that Shawn shared with me.

Once I found out that Shawn had an opening for a new client I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with him. He went above and beyond and created a masterpiece sales letter that converted over 5-times better than the copy I was previously using. I made back my initial investment on this project within the first 7-hours of going live. I highly recommend Shawn for your next project. Hiring Shawn for your copy writing is like buying money at a discount."

Update: June 24th, 2010 "Shawn, using your newest letter... we sold 400 copies of our $47 ebook in 5 days... so we're very happy!

Mike Westerdal Critical Bench, Inc.

Shawn's Sales Letter Rendered Me Speechless!

"I was first introduced to Shawn when doing a live "copy critique" webinar - people were sending me letters to critique and I was tearing them apart. When I pulled up Shawn's sales letter and began reading... I was rendered speechless!

I couldn't find a single thing I didn't like about it - it was a perfect example of the type of hard-hitting writing I was trying to teach. I immediately began using it as an example piece, showing those on the call what TO DO to increase their conversions and make more money. When I later found out that the letter I was reading had already sold thousands of dollars worth of products in a very competitive market I wasn't the least bit surprised.

Shawn has a natural talent for writing straight-to-the-point, no B.S. copy that SELLS... and I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Superstar Copywriter Craig Clemens

Getting Results After 20 Minutes!

"Just got my emails back from Shawn and they look awesome. He went over the top with the work put into these emails. I did a test to a small list just to see how it would do. Already getting opens & clicks within 20 minutes of sending. Thanks for such an awesome job.

Chris Busa

He's Not Happy Unless His Clients are Thrilled!

"I had the great pleasure of working with Shawn for several months and I have nothing but great things to say about him.

He's extremely capable, very fast... and my favorite part.... very easy to work with. He LOVES feedback. He takes it and runs with it. He's not happy unless his clients are THRILLED. He is THE total package and an absolutely rare individual.

I highly recommend Shawn to anyone who needs great copy for their business. You can't possibly go wrong with him!"

Tina Spriggs Business Manager at Coffee Shop Millionaire

$258,000 in sales with Your Emails

"Shawn did an email campaign for one of my men's health supplements. At first I hired him to do 7 emails and they worked so well, I had him do 7 more. Since I sell a lot of different supplements and have a large list for each, I kept Shawn on retainer and it's the most profitable thing I've ever done. The first 7 emails sold out the initial run of my supplement and did $258,000 in sales.

The next round of emails for my men's "size" supplement did a little less in sales, probably $190,000 in about 10 days. In all, Shawn's emails produced almost half a million dollars in sales for my company in less than a month just by email alone.It's been THE single most profitable thing I've done." ."

Mark Miller

Having better email marketing is not only the key to earning more profit... it's the key to beating your competition.

Having effective emails for getting new customers and generating extra sales from existing ones could potentially mean tens or hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in sales and profits.

So if you're ready to make the most sales and revenue from your product or service... this is the best way.

For a very short time, I'll personally write 5 persuasive, profit-producing emails that get opened, read, & responded to.

Here's How to Get Your 5 Profit-Producing Emails...

If you want 5 emails for your autoresponder that will get more people to open and respond to your offers... click the paypal button below.


Shawn Lebrun

P.S. I've been creating emails for over 16 years now.

And not to sound cocky... but I feel I can write for just about any product and any market. Because selling is selling... no matter what niche or market you're in.

A pro copywriter can enter any market and write emails that get people to take the action you WANT them to take. So, even though you may THINK your product or service is different, I'm sure I can create emails that get you the results you want.

I've done emails for pretty much every market in the last 15 years, so I'm sure I can help you sell more of what you're selling.

If you’re ready to get more customers that flood your bank account with cash, click the Paypal button now to get 5 emails that get opened, read, and responded to...

P.P.S Need to ask a question before you order?

You can reach me by

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