Revealed below: How to lower your
handicap by double digits in just a few weeks...

Attention Golfers: Give Me Just One Hour of Your Time And I'll Show You How To Shave At Least 7 Strokes From Your Game And Add 50 to 70 Yards To Your Tee Shots... Guaranteed!

Imagine the Look On Your Friends' Faces As You Step Up To The Tee And Crush A Long, Towering Drive... Straight Down The Middle Of The Fairway... Easily Going 50 Yards Past ANY Of Their Shots.

And imagine as they stand there in envy as you chip it onto the green and sink a 31 foot putt for birdie. They'll be dying to know your secrets...
From Jack Moorehouse:

Dear Friend,

Recently... I was out playing a round of golf with some friends at a local country club.

The last time we played together... I played so poorly, I ended up being the laughing stock of the group.

It was time to redeem myself.

The first hole was a short par-4.

When it was my time to tee off, I placed the ball up on the tee and crushed a gorgeous 325-yard shot straight down the middle of the fairway and onto the green.

Man, you should have seen the look on their faces.

Each of the other guys went up and... like they usually do... either dropped the ball into a bunker, hit it into the rough, or barely put any distance on it at all.

I then proceeded to sink a 34-foot putt from the fringe of the green for eagle!

My golf partners couldn't believe their eyes. They even "jokingly" checked my golf balls to see if I was playing with anything illegal!

I finished the round shooting a 77.

Now... if you would have asked me if this was possible a few years ago... I would have said "No way."

But nowadays... it's pretty common for me to go out with a foursome for a 5pm tee time. And by the end of 18... I'm at least double digit strokes ahead.

Most days... I'm shooting under 80 ANY TIME I play.

How Was I Able To Improve
My Game So Much... So Fast?

Well... once I learned a few simple secrets I'm about to share with you... I quickly added 50 to 70 yards on my drives. I also started pitching and chipping with amazing accuracy... sinking putts from 25 and 30 feet out.

And honestly... it's ALL about harnessing and directing the natural power, skill, and accuracy you ALREADY HAVE in you.

For example, by learning how to put that "little extra oomph" at just the right point of impact... you'll consistently LAUNCH incredibly long tee shots... easily taking a stroke off each hole.

And that's the difference between being an average golfer that's lucky to break 100... and being a VERY GOOD golfer that consistently breaks 80 every round you play.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You're skeptical and honestly, you should be. You've seen this before.

You can't go anywhere online without being bombarded with websites and ads bragging about how fast they can turn you into the next Tiger Woods.

So I bet this also sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, it's not. Again, it can be learned.

And man, it feels good to do it, too... especially when you get to watch your ball sail down the fairway like a missile.

All the while... your buddies are asking "How in the HECK did you DO that?”

You've Suddenly Added Up To 70
Accurate Yards To Your Tee Shot!

Just imagine your next round of golf.

Watching your buddies huffing and puffing... swinging wildly at the ball and hitting it 200 yards and right into the rough.

Then you walk up to the tee and casually launch a gorgeous, 315-yard precision drive that splits the fairway.

Think about it... when you hit tee shots like that... not ONLY will you have the utmost respect of ALL your'll finally experience golf like it's supposed to be played!

How I Accidentally Stumbled Upon The
Secrets That Changed My Game For Good...

I used to REALLY struggle with my game over the years.

Because I work at a full-time regular job... it was tough to keep all the aspects of my game sharp.

So I consistently scored in the 90s and 100s. I just figured that's where I'd be forever.

But since I was sick and tired of not being able to play up to the level I knew I was capable of... I went on a personal mission and spent years studying a TON of books, tapes, and videos on how to play better golf.

I devoured information on improving every single area of my game... like driving balls further and straighter, chipping and pitching better shots that land closer to the pin, and sinking putts from further distances.

And sure enough, my "mechanics" became consistently good and I became a pretty good golfer. But I just knew I could do better.

When I landed a pretty good size bonus at work... I decided to book a month's worth of lessons with one of our local golf pros. I was going to pay this instructor A LOT of money to teach me one thing: How to REALLY play the game of golf WELL.

The first thing this pro told me was that the secrets of playing incredible golf are really very simple... but almost no one ever figures them out on their own.

Sure enough, this pro instructor gave me a few simple tips that helped me to ...

Instantly Increase The Power, Distance And
Accuracy In ALL Areas Of MY Golf Game!

And I could tell right away that every penny I spent on this coach was worth it — because after just 45 minutes of practice... I was hitting my pitches with a lot more accuracy.

I started chipping shots closer to the pin than I ever had before.

And I was sinking putts from further distances than I ever thought possible.

With just a few minor adjustments that he showed me, I literally started to crush the ball, adding 50 to 60 yards of distance to my drives that split the middle of the fairway.

I was smacking balls well past the 250 yard signs. Then I started launching tee shots past the 300 yard signs... and with pinpoint accuracy!

They Literally Exploded Off
The Tee With Unbelievable Control

Over the next few days... my coach and I would go out on the range and go from hole to hole, setting up dozens of chip shots from different angles. And I was chipping every one close from every conceivable position.

Suddenly, as if overnight... I was chipping, pitching and putting like a pro... placing shots around the pin all day long. I started to par and birdie a lot more.

Shortly after learning all these "insider" techniques... I went out and shot an 82, which was an entire 10 strokes better than my previous best game!

Then came a score of 77 in my next game.

My handicap dropped 9 strokes in just 6 weeks... to single digits! Last time out, I had an eagle (on a 508 yard par 5 hole) at the toughest course I'd ever played.

My golfing buddies have been shaking their heads in disbelief ever since all the "holes" in my game disappeared. From practicing, to thinking about shots, to knowing how to hit targets with precision...

I used my newly learned skills to analyze every shot, visualize my target... and immediately come up with the RIGHT approach every time.

I knew the best club, the correct grip, and the perfect stance. I also knew how to put the right spin on the ball and hit long, lobbing shots for amazing accuracy and precision.

And it was all without doubt and without second-guessing.

Once You Have The SECRETS Revealed To You...
You'll Start To Play The Best Golf Of Your Life

For the first time in a LONG time... I started getting compliments on how well I played.

I started to have a game so consistent that I became the guy everybody wanted on their team.

Getting a pro to share the REAL secrets of driving the ball... pitching the ball... and putting the ball has helped me more than anything else I've done.

And I was simply blown away with how simple it all was.

Can you imagine no longer WORRYING about your drives... because you KNOW they'll be straight and far down the fairway.

Can you imagine ALREADY having all the skills you need to automatically play at a high level? Getting consistently lower scores each and every week?

These Powerful Secrets Are So Simple And Easy
To Learn, You Can Have Them Down In Just One Hour!

When I teach you what I've learned, you'll shave 7 to 10 strokes off your game... add 50 to 70 yards of accurate distance to your drives... hit every fairway and green in regulation... and play the most accurate golf you've ever played!

You'll hit longer drives that don't hook or slice. You'll hit accurate iron shots that don't end up in the rough. Your chip shots and pitch shots will be closer to the pin than ever.

Strokes will drop off your handicap immediately. You'll be playing without mistakes... and you'll change your game literally overnight.

Just imagine... golf without stress and without second-guessing.

Become The Confident, Skilled Player You KNOW You Can Be

After several years of finally figuring it out... I can help you UNDERSTAND exactly what it takes to consistently break 80 every time you play!

I'm going to lay out the exact plan you need to follow... so you no longer have to wonder if you're doing all the right things.

Better yet, you're going to learn ALL of this in just a few minutes... so you can start seeing results A LOT sooner than what you're currently doing.

How much easier do you think your golf game will be when you know EXACTLY what you need to do to improve in all areas?

How much more comfortable will you feel knowing what you're going to have to do to increase your distance on drives and accuracy on chips and putts?

Why You're Not Playing The Kind
of Golf You COULD Be Playing...

Playing a GREAT game of golf is just another skill and anyone can learn it.

You weren't born knowing other skills like how to walk, how to ride a bike, or how to drive a car. These are basic skills that you LEARNED.

And the truth is... the fastest way to improve your game is to copy someone who already KNOWS the secrets.

Because let's face it. If someone else is playing great and consistently breaking 80... they obviously know something... and are DOING something... that you're not.

By learning from them... you can skip the trial and error... and ONLY spend your time and energy on what produces fast results... dropping the rest.

And this is where I come in. Over the last few years, I've taken all the secrets I used to improve ALL aspects of the golf game... from drives, to chips and pitches, to putts... and I put them into an 80-page ebook.

How To Shave 7 to 10 Strokes Off Your Score and Play
The Kind of Golf You’ve Always Wanted... Starting Tomorrow!

No matter what your current ability and skill level is, this book will make you better. If you can't read a green to save your life... or you can't keep your ball out of the rough or bunkers.. this ebook will help you.

Avoid The Mistakes And Start
Playing Almost Flawless, Effortless Golf

The book is called How To Break 80® and Shoot Like the Pros! and it's your fast-track education with step-by-step techniques that will dramatically improve your game... WITHOUT all the ups and downs of traditional trial and error.

We'll cover everything from your grip...

We'll also cover your stance...

And all your golf shots... from chipping out of bunkers...

To putting on the green...

I'll show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you shave 7 to 10 strokes off your next round of golf... and you don't have to spend more than one hour to learn it.

And you'll do it WITHOUT having to spend the big bucks that paid when I hired a pro instructor.

Since I've written How To Break 80® and Shoot Like the Pros!... it's been in many major golf publications such as Golf Digest, Golf Tips Magazine, Golf World and several others.

I've also won several awards for my publications, authored thousands of articles and you can find my program all over the internet.

I've Helped over 102,033 Golfers From Around
The World Improve Their Scores... Regardless Of Skill Level

The techniques and strategies I'm about to show you will help lower your handicap quickly!

Soon, you'll start to hit longer, straighter shots down the fairway... increasing your chances of making par and birdies.

You'll be sinking putts from distances further out... you'll be hitting chip shots and pitches onto the green from distances you thought were previously impossible.

While most books, manuals, DVD's or traditional programs pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put it all together for yourself... this ebook delivers action-sized chunks one at a time.

This way, you'll be able to actually implement each new technique and immediately apply it to your game... without all of the hassles and frustrations of hours and hours of traditional practicing.


Here's What You Get When You Order How To Break 80

When you purchase the How To Break 80® and Shoot Like the Pros! program, you'll get a comprehensive guide that's designed to help you play your best golf possible and it gives you practical and effective golf tips that will put the fun and excitement back in your game.

  • A New Twist on Fundamentals - Think you know the proper way to address the ball, grip the club and set up? Guess again.

  • 4 Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70's Instantly - In just minutes you can learn what I've spent most of my life learning! I give you step-by-step instructions on specifically what to do in terms of your swing.

  • Shotmaking Secrets - I'll show you specifically how to draw and fade the ball so you can attack any pin you see and add distance when you need it.

  • Dealing With Trouble Shots - New! - You'll learn how to turn adversity into birdie with these proven techniques to save you from even the toughest spots on the course.

  • How to Develop a Rock-Solid Short Game - You won't have to worry about hitting greens in regulation when I teach you how to get up and down from nearly everywhere.

  • The Simple Formula for Short Game Shots - New! - This is one of the best and easiest lessons I learned to simplify the complex short game shots for handicappers of all levels.

  • Mastering the Chip Shot - New! - I'll reveal to you the foolproof way to consistently chip the ball so you catch it cleanly every time and put the right amount of roll and loft on your shots.

  • The Putting Secrets of the Pros - We all know that the real difference between the guys who play professional golf and the accomplished amateur is putting. I teach you specific techniques and drills so you can expect to drain every putt you swing at.

  • Secrets to Reading Greens Properly - - Isn't is frustrating when you hit a putt the perfect speed and distance only to find the line was off? Even if you couldn't read a green to save your life... you'll soon have an unfair advantage over your competitors!

  • My Highly Effective "Putting Results" Practice Game - I created this game that gets me focused on draining everything in sight. You'll learn to approach every putt as if you'll make it...even if you're 35 feet away! I detail it for you step by step to improve your putting instantly.

  • A Mental Gameplan - You will learn the simple and tested methods to keep your brain on track to play your best golf possible. A good swing alone will not keep you in the 70's for long.

  • Perfect Practice Techniques - I tell you step-by-step what you need to do in order to prepare yourself to break 80. I even go so far as to tell you how much time you should spend on each drill and specifically how and what to practice leading up to your round.

  • Professional Pre-Shot Routine - I provide you specifically the exact things I do before every shot (mental and physical actions) for you to apply to your own.

  • How to Handle Bad Shots - New! - Hitting bad shots can emotionally and mentally ruin your round and enjoyment of the game. I'll show you a bulletproof method to not only handling these tough times but turning them into opportunities for lower scores.

  • Sand Play Success - New! - I recently added an entirely new chapter on Sand Play and in it I detail the exact checklist I use to get up and down from any bunker. In addition, I'll show you how to deal with trouble bunker shots such as a buried lie, hard sand and more!

  • The 10 Essential Components of Breaking 80 - After corresponding and working with thousands of golfers who break 80 (and a lot who don't), I line out for you the absolute must-haves for your game and how to incorporate them effectively.

Here's Just A Small Sample
Of What You'll Learn In The Chapters:

  • Learn how to master the techniques needed to make sure ALL aspects of your game are firing on all cylinders... and the little known secrets to making sure you never have a horrible game again.

  • How to master your emotions so you can remain calm, cool, and collected on the course during the most important shots of the game.

  • The "stance tweak" and pivot secrets that improves your swing and increases your accuracy almost overnight!

  • How to use your putter from the fringe so that you can start consistently sinking 30 and 40 foot putts... when your previous best was under 20 feet!

  • How to increase your club head speed and add more distance to your drives. You'll soon be crushing 300-yard tee shots, time after time, with VERY little effort

  • How to improve your grip so you start hitting longer and straighter drives down the middle of the fairway.

  • The single worst "habit" nearly all golfers have that GUARANTEES they'll never experience a consistently great game!

  • How to play so well, so consistently that your natural passion for the game of golf has you anxiously waiting the end of the work day

  • How to systematically increase your accuracy, control, and power with every swing

  • How to get the exact spin you want on a pitch or chip... so when it lands on the green... it goes exactly where you want it to.

  • Proven tricks to use in the bunker to place your shot like a pro

  • Why it's so important to perfect your chipping BEFORE you start working on your pitching

  • How to increase the flexibility and power of your swing... and how it can carry over to further, straighter drives down the fairway

  • Learn how to instantly change your habits and eliminate your worst techniques so you automatically start playing better... even without trying

  • How to break free of the cycle that keeps you coming back to those poor techniques and habits that stop you from playing to the consistently high level you're capable of.

  • What to do at the top of your swing to ensure you get the power, distance, and accuracy you want

  • How to instantly correct mistakes that rob you of distance or causes slices and other problems most golfers suffer. Just eliminating these few mistakes can shave 10 strokes off your next round.

  • How to get that perfect stance so that your power just comes through naturally

  • How being lose and relaxed can actually HELP you to drive the ball further down the fairway

  • How to make sure your left elbow stays tucked in the follow-through to guarantee pinpoint accuracy

  • How to use the wind and weather to your advantage on any course .

  • Learn the tips and tricks to eliminate the distance-robbing mistakes you're making. Start hitting monster tee shots 50 to 70 yards further!

  • Where the real power comes from in your swing so you know what to focus on

  • How to stay balanced throughout your swing and your follow through

  • Discover an entirely new way of controlling your swing... that requires no conscious effort... so that you automatically use the best technique and form possible.

  • How to harness the power of your swing so that you can quickly and easily program yourself to hit the ball further and straighter

  • The biggest mistakes that cause most golfers to botch their short pitches or chips!

  • Why the 3 simple secrets of great play are easy to learn... and how you can slash 10 strokes off your game the first time you use them!

  • Why your feet and stance are so critical in controlling distance, power, and accuracy!

  • How to choose clubs like a pro and how to decide which one to use with pinpoint accuracy!

  • How to "tune up" before you play so that your skills are as sharp as they possibly can be!

  • How to chip and pitch with the accuracy and control of a pro!

And that's just a sample of the techniques you'll learn in this program.

How To Break 80® and Shoot Like the Pros! has quickly become one of the best selling golf instruction programs because it's written for average, everday people who DON'T play golf professionally... but who'd like to dramatically improve their skills AND their scores.

It's for those who want to improve their scores, but don't have the 8 hours free each day to practice like a pro.

In other words...

It's For People Like You and Me!

This is a complete manual that has simply ONE goal in mind: To show you how to shoot your lowest scores ever.

I show you... in simple-to-understand terms... how to apply these concepts and techniques to your game within just 30 minutes... so you can drop shots, consistently break 80 within the next few games, and play your BEST golf ever.

The truth of the matter is, most golfers just want to hit long drives and look like a real golfer... so they're determined to spend most of their practice time trying to hit the ball as far AND as hard as possible.

But honestly, that's one of the worst things you can do as a golfer. If you're too tight and rigid because you're trying to use as much power as you can... you'll screw up.

But if you relax, use your hips and go WITH the natural mechanics of your body... you'll come down with a massive amount of power.

I'll teach you to get the club back with your arms close to your body, come down, rotate and directly hit the ball with the natural power and accuracy that comes from momentum and proper form.

When you hit a golf ball the way I'll show you... it will feel like the most natural thing in the world.

And because you've "programmed" the perfect swing and proper form for ALL your shots... you'll quickly and easily start launching long-distance, super-accurate drives that blow past your buddies shots on the fairway.

Just Think... No More Struggling And
No More Embarrassment On The Course

If you have the will and determination to follow my program, you can increase your tee shots by 50 to 70 yards.

You'll start driving, chipping, pitching, putting and scoring like a pro the next time you hit the course!

And it will be as natural as breathing for you, since your previous bad habits and poor techniques have been replaced with new and improved skills. So you won't even think about it, you'll just do it.

Your friends, family, co-workers, and golf buddies will be DYING know your secrets for improving SO MUCH... SO FAST!

Not only will you start playing better... you'll also gain an incredible confidence and a totally new respect for the game.

You no longer feel insecure or embarrassed... so you're feeling LESS stressed and self-conscious about how you play in front of friends and colleagues.

The Magic Moment When Your Game Changes Forever...

Take it from me personally... it's an incredible feeling when you can leave all the worries about your game behind you and you start playing the way you KNOW you can play. You'll start to enjoy the game so much more as you keep getting better and better.

Your drives off the tee go further and straighter down the middle of the fairway... you're chipping with more accuracy, you're sinking putts from longer distances.

Believe me, when you're confident and proud of the way you're playing... you feel more positive. The time you spend playing just seems to be a whole lot better!

When you go through this ebook, you're going to feel a sense of excitement because you'll FINALLY realize why you haven't been playing as well as you COULD be with what you've been doing.

Transform Yourself Into A Golfer
That Others Respect and Admire

So go ahead and download my 80 page ebook... which you'll be reading in just 5 minutes. It will only take you about an hour to read.

You'll learn all the tips, techniques, and pointers I've learned over the years.

When you start learning and USING these secrets in your game... you'll shave anywhere between 7 and 10 strokes off your golf game... starting with your next round!

You'll increase the power, distance, and accuracy on your drives off the tee... adding between 50 and 70 yards to your shots. As someone that used to hit 180 yard drives... I'm now consistently launching 290+ drives right down the middle of the fairway.

Not only that, but my accuracy and distance on putts have improved as well. It's pretty common for me to sink 30 foot putts when before I was lucky to even come within feet of the pin.

So What's The Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Ebook Cost?

Well, let me ask...

What price can you put on cutting out hours of unnecessary time and practice on the course... so you're playing the best golf of your life in the least amount of time? Or how about playing better and FEELING better in front of your friends, family, or coworkers?

When some people decide they've had enough and want to learn how to REALLY play golf... they may hire a pro and take a few lessons.

I know that's what I did. But honestly, not everyone has the extra money to do that. I know I didn't... but I somehow managed it anyways.

Most golf instructors charge around $75 to $90 for one session. At just 2 sessions per week that's $4,680 a year!

Heck, I've already personally spent more than $6,850 over the years on training videos, books, and golf instructors.

But since I can offer you what I've learned... and put it down as an ebook... you don't have to read the HUNDREDS of books I read... or watch the hours of video I watched... or spend the $4800 I spent on my own professional golf coach and private lessons.

For a short time only, I'm offering a very limited HALF-PRICE DISCOUNT. If you order today, your investment in this ebook is now only $89.00 $37.00

For The Cost of a Coffee Each Day for 30 Days...
You Won't Have To Worry About Playing Poorly Again

Would you trade a coffee or a newspaper a day for 30 days to improve your game by leaps and bounds and become the best golfer you can possibly be?

For only $37... I'll help you to get the skills you need to launch 390+ yard drives off the tee, sink putts from 40 feet out, and shave off 7 to 10 strokes from your game?

That's even less than what you'd pay for 2 rounds of golf at your local course!

Look, you don't need another ebook with hundreds of pages of theory. You need the "what to do" and "how to do it" instruction to help you finally succeed at ALL the skills that make a good golfer. All the driving, chipping, and putting skills that actually MATTER.

ORDER NOW And You'll Also Receive The Following
Bonuses, Worth AT LEAST $259, Absolutely Free!

Free Bonus Gift #1: "25 Lessons to Improve Your Game Immediately" eBook

This powerful eBook is jam-packed with useful tips to help you lower your handicap as soon as possible. Compiled by one of the best golf resources on the web, this book gives outstanding photos as well as simple instructions. No marketing fluff, just raw tips and lessons. Priceless.

Free Bonus Gift #2: Mike Pederson's "Fit To a Tee" eBook ($23 value)

Mike's ebook has been read by over 50,000 golfers from all around the world. Learn how your BODY is affecting your swing and how you can change it. This book is an immediate download upon purchasing my "How To Break 80" product. It's concise and to the point. It will be an awakening experience. You'll look at your golf performance approach differently after reading this power-packed ebook. Mike can add 10-20 yards to your shots and increase your accuracy with his simple secrets. $23 Value

Free Bonus Gift #3: "Secret Low-Handicapper" Article Series- Never Before Released to The Public ($19.95 value)

For years I have been writing special articles for newsletters and certain subscribers that are not available to anyone except these few people who subscribe or have paid for these newsletters. I have aggregated some of the best ones (as determined by reader feedback) and am providing them as part of this offer if you act today. As part of this special limited-time offer, I am going to include some of the best articles I've written on subjects such as the following:

  • How To Read Greens Properly
  • How To Get Up and Down Consistently
  • How To Handle and Manage the First Tee Effectively
  • What Clubs Belong In Your Bag
  • What Shaft Flex You Should Be Using
  • The Keys To Short Game Success
  • Prepare Like a Pro For Your Round
  • The Four Keys To A Great Swing
  • Consistency Secrets of the Pros

*** You won't find these anywhere else in the world unless you have already paid for them in some manner.
*** Remember, I correspond with thousands of golfers around the world and have a good pulse on what you guys and gals want. Heck, these articles alone may be worth the entire price of the book!

Free Bonus Gift #4: FREE Lifetime Upgrades to "How To Break 80®" ($19.95 value)

Considering I add to the system roughly once per quarter, I am always packing the book with new, fresh content that is designed to help you shoot your best golf scores ever. As the system gets bigger and more comprehensive the price will inevitably go up as well. You can do the math on your own if you were to pay for every upgrade I do for the book and I'm sure you can see that it would be pretty substantial. Act today and never pay another dime for upgrades to the "How To Break 80®" system.

Free Bonus Gift #5: "State-of-the-Art" Golf Performance Tracking Software ($19.95 value)

When you learn the secrets of breaking 80 and shooting like the Pros, you'll need to know how to "keep track of your performance like a Pro" also! I wish I had come across this software when I first started keeping track of my handicap, saves, greens in regulation, fairways, putts, is a real time-saver and spits out tons of data on your rounds and general progress as a player.

It helps you keep track of over 40 statistics, including:

  • * Personalized score card
  • * Fairways and greens hit
  • * Actual handicap
  • * Games played
  • * Your best games
  • * Eagles, birdies, pars, bogies
  • * Par saves
  • * Different courses played
  • * And much more!

This software will put you head and shoulders above the competition because you'll have more than a pile of old scorecards in your drawer..... you'll have a complete software application designed to do one thing.... lower your handicap. It is totally awesome in terms of functionality and here's the best's so easy to use your 5 yr old could operate it. Better yet, (it hasn't "officially" been launched yet) and they will be doing a major launch soon so I asked them if they would let you guys try it out for FREE. It took hundreds of man hours for the guys to develop this software and it's yours to try FREE when you buy my system. Priceless.

8-Week No-Risk Unconditional
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

I truly believe this ebook is the fastest, simplest, and easiest way for you to improve ALL aspects of your golf game. It has helped over 100,000 people do just that!

But even so... you still might have some doubt whether this ebook can live up to my claims. So please, let me eliminate all worry for you...

Get this ebook now and use my proven techniques.

If, for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with what it's done for you and your golf game... simply let me know within 8 weeks and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this ebook is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If you haven't gotten more than your money's worth... if you haven't shaved 7 to 10 strokes off your game... if you're not playing the best golf of your life... just email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Not only that... I'll give YOU $50 if it's all been a waste of your time!

It's true. If, after diligently following my instructions and practicing at least fifteen minutes every day for 30 days, you honestly feel that you haven't improved a bit and using my system has been a waste of your time, I want you to write and tell me about it. For that, I'll happily send you a check for $50.

I'm not worried about this offer because I know most people are honest folks and will hold up your end of the bargain. More importantly, I'm 100% positive I can help your game and have a big impact in just 30 days.

This Will Be A Game-Changing Experience For You...

Look, I've already read all the manuals for you. I've watched all the instruction videos and read all the magazines. Heck, I even hired the professional instructor... so that you don't have to. You can stop wasting your time and energy on trial and error.

Save the aggravation and use my experience as your shortcut guide to improving your golf game, breaking 80 consistently and often, and playing the best golf of your life... guaranteed.

Click the button right now, get the book instantly and start using my techniques the next time you head out to play 18.


Yours Sincerely,

Jack Moorehouse

P.S. I can tell you from first hand experience how much better your time spent out on the course will be.

Like I mentioned earlier... when I learned these secrets... I was able to go from shooting over 100 to shooting mid 80s in the first few weeks after learning these techniques. And today, I'm consistently shooting in the mid 70s.

You'll be free from the worry and anxiety of not playing as well as you can play. You'll be confident and proud of the way you crush your drives down the fairway, chip your shots onto the green, and sink the putts from distances you weren't able to before.

Can you imagine how you'll feel when your happy and excited about your game?

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This is a downloadable course consisting of MP3's and PDF files. The audio portion of the course is in MP3 format, and can easily be played right on your computer and downloaded directly to any mp3 player. All the class notes and transcripts are in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on the computer screen, or print it out and put it into a notebook.