TIRED of suffering from pain in your rotator cuff?

"Personal Trainer Reveals A Quick and Easy Way To End Your Rotator Cuff Pain And Injury In Just 4 Weeks Or Less... Guaranteed"

"I'll show you how I solved my painful rotator cuff problem in just a few short weeks. And I guarantee you'll get the same incredible results... in fact, I want to prove it to you!

If you're frustrated with your nagging shoulder pain from an injured rotator cuff... I'll show you how to feel better in less time... so you can do all your daily activities without pain"

From the Desk Of: Gregg Swanson
Thursday, 11:37 AM

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to end your rotator cuff pain and injury in the shortest amount of time possible... then you'll want to read the important message below.

Here's why:

My name is Gregg Swanson. I'm a NESTA and ISSA certified Personal Trainer.

As a fitness trainer, I've helped thousands of people improve their bodies... and their lives.

I'm also a lifetime natural weight lifter... so I love to work out in my free time.

One day... while working out in the gym... I was doing a set of bench presses. On the way down with the bar... I felt a sudden, searing pain in my right shoulder.

It Felt Like Someone
Stuck a Knife Through It...

I didn't think much of it at the time.

Since I'm an active guy, I was used to dealing with small, day-to-day aches.

But over the next few days, this nagging pain in my right shoulder didn't go away.

I couldn't get comfortable in bed, I couldn't lift my arm overhead, and I couldn't carry anything.

Any time I reached up for something... or moved my right arm in any direction... I felt the same pain.

I knew this was more than just a normal shoulder ache.

When I started going to the gym again, my shoulder still caused me pain when I lifted.

Fearful that something might have been badly damaged, I went to see my doctor... as well as a chiropractor and a massage therapist.

I spent a lot of time and money visiting them... to see if there was something they could find.

And here's the thing... each of them told me I had an injury to my rotator cuff.

But neither seemed to know the BEST way to take care of it.

Each of them gave me a completely different way to treat it, so I was confused as to what I should do.

I just knew there had to be a better way... and that it was up to me to get myself back on track.

How I Discovered The Secrets That
Stopped My Rotator Cuff Pain For Good

As a personal trainer, I was familiar with the muscles of the body.

I knew they had to be strengthened... in order for them to work their best.

So I went online and began researching medical journals and science reports that talked about rotator cuff injuries and how to heal them.

I learned that there was a HUGE relationship between how strong your shoulder and rotator cuff was... and the likelihood of pain and injury occuring.

To my surprise, I learned that healing a rotator cuff injury is easy to do by yourself... with just a few simple exercises.

I learned that if I strengthened the muscles around the shoulder, my problem would stop and the pain would go away.

Not only that... I also learned that strengthening the muscles would prevent future rotator cuff injuries from occurring.

So I began following the advice in these medical journals. I started using these simple exercises in my own training.

And believe it or not...

I Tested It And It Worked!

The results blew my mind because I started noticing instant improvements. Within days, it felt great again.

After just 4 weeks of using this approach, my shoulder felt BETTER than it did before the accident!

I was finally pain-free. And I couldn't believe it was this easy to do. It only took me a few minutes each day.

As I went along, I kept track of everything I was doing to ease my shoulder pain.

And over time, I was able to write down all of my exercises, tips, and techniques that I used.

Finally... An All-Natural Way To
Fix Your Rotator Cuff And End Your Pain

Over 10 years have passed since my amazing discovery... and I've been pain free ever since.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

I've been perfecting this amazing training breakthrough I had "accidentally" stumbled across.

And it's going to help you heal from your rotator cuff injury and get rid of your shoulder pain... just like it did for me.

Since I learned how to overcome my problem... I can show you how to do something about it quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

So you can start changing your life today.

You Can Change The Way Your
Shoulder Feels...Right Now!

Let me ask you a couple of questions...

Have you spent money on medications... with little or no relief?

Are you sick and tired of putting up with a painful shoulder?

Do you avoid certain activities like exercise, hobbies, or household chores because of your shoulder pain?

Do you want to have freedom from your pain... and not have to worry about being able to lift something or move a certain way?

Do you want to enjoy your day... and do what you like, whenever you want?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these... then I can help you.

My rotator cuff training program delivers the safest, most efficient exercises to solve your shoulder pain... so you can get the results you want!

You'll have less pain during the day and you'll be able to sleep better at night because your arm will not be hurting you as much!

Experience The Fast And
Dramatic Results Yourself

Believe me, I can tell you that having a rotator cuff injury hurts every day.

Because of that, you think about your pain all the time. It's like a vicious circle.

And the more you worry about it, the worse it becomes.

It stops you from enjoying your day... your family, and your friends. It stops you from enjoying your hobbies or your daily activities you like to do.

Well, you don't have to suffer from it ANYMORE!

You can use these same exercises to heal your rotator cuff and stop the pain for good!

You'll Notice An Immediate
Change In Your Shoulder Pain

Imagine what getting rid of your pain for the long-term will do for you.

You'll feel better every single day and your peace of mind will skyrocket.

Not only that... you'll never have to worry about having a serious rotator cuff injury again.

In fact, you'll be using the same all-natural program that I used to fix my rotator cuff injury and stay pain-free for over 10 years.

This guide reveals how you can STOP the pain at it's source. My book goes beyond the on-going expense of pain pills, medical treatments, and muscle rubs.

It gets to the root of the problem so you can solve it from happening again.

How To Start Enjoying
A Healthy, Pain-Free Shoulder!

Before I found this solution, I battled my rotator cuff injury the same way you're probably doing now... with painkillers and muscle rubs.

Unfortunately, I can tell you from experience that those solutions won't work; all they do is mask the problem.

They don't get to the root of it. So it never goes away.

And you're stuck taking these pills all the time.

The thing is... pain pills are highly toxic. They're not good for your liver and kidneys.

You need a natural solution that gets to the root of your rotator cuff injury... heals it... and prevents it from ever happening again.

Trust me, I've been there. I tried everything, before I finally discovered how to get rid of it for good.

And over the past 10+ years, through a long and painstaking process of trial, error, and education... I've developed a 100% guaranteed system for fixing injured rotator cuffs!

You can learn the natural way to heal your shoulder and eliminate your pain in just 4 weeks or less... so you can get back to living your life without fear and anxiety.

Here's How I Can Help YOU Get Better...

The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises Program is the same simple, easy-to-use program that I developed to get rid of my rotator cuff injury and pain for good.

Based on helpful information I learned through research... I guarantee you'll feel better, enjoy a better quality of life, and your pain will disappear in 4 weeks or less.

It's been 10 years since I found these exercises and techniques, and I can honestly say they've given me my life back.

Now I want to do the same for you.

A Scientifically Proven Way To Help
Heal Your Rotator Cuff Injury In Just 4 Weeks

This is NOT about pain pills or quick fix solutions that don't work.

This is about getting rid of YOUR pain for good... no matter how long you've had it or what else you've tried.

I know what it's like to have to deal with shoulder pain from an injured rotator cuff. And I know how terrible it can make you feel.

An injured rotator cuff can prevent you from doing simple, every day activities like reaching up for things on shelves, lifting your kids, carrying groceries, or any other activity you enjoy doing.

If you're an athlete that relies on your shoulder for your sport... having any sort of pain can be especially frustrating.

Baseball pitchers simply cannot deal with rotator cuff pain and still be expected to perform.

Physically demanding jobs like contruction or painting can be tough when you're always in pain.

Tired of Dealing With Your
Nagging Rotator Cuff Injury And Pain?

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you probably know what I'm talking about...

  • Decreased range of motion
  • Piercing pain when you reach for things
  • Trouble lifting the arm higher than the shoulder to the front or side
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Weakness with that arm or shoulder
  • Difficulty or pain getting dressed
  • Pain with reaching or throwing
  • Pain with reaching behind your back

If you're sick and tired of the pain and soreness that's keeping you from living your life to the fullest...

You Can Prevent A Rotator Cuff Injury
And Pain From Happening Again!

The truth is, a few simple exercises is all that's needed to stop the pain and get the shoulder feeling better than before!

Not only that... I'm going to show you how to strengthen it so you never go through this problem again.

In fact, I can safely say these exercises will help you:

  • Reduce and eliminate your shoulder pain
  • Improve your shoulder mobility & flexibility
  • Improve your shoulder strength
  • Sleep through the night without pain
  • Do all of your daily activites without pain
  • Avoid costly surgery
  • Safely continue working out without more problems
  • Prevent further damage to your shoulder
  • Stop relying on pain killers
  • Have pain free movement!

The information in this e-book offers a inexpensive, permanent solution for fixing your rotator cuff and improving the quality of your life.

Having this ebook will be like having your own personal trainer showing you exactly what to do to bring your shoulder back to normal, so you can end your pain and do the activities you want to do.

Exercises Based On Proven Medical Science

Look... if you have shoulder pain from an injured rotator cuff... and you start doing the WRONG exercises... you could do MORE damage to your shoulder.

You definitely don't need that.

The key is knowing which stretches and exercises to do... and in what order you should do them.

If you use the wrong weight, the wrong exercise, or even the wrong stretch... you could get injured.

The Importance of Training Your Shoulders...

Not only that... many rotator cuff injuries happen because people do not strengthen the muscles around the shoulder.

If the muscles around your shoulder are weak... you're just ONE exercise away from injuring your shoulder.

So the key to healing your injury is to strengthen the four muscles of the rotator cuff with the right exercises.

And by doing that, you lessen the risks of ever getting your shoulder injured again!

I've used medical science on how the shoulder works and how the shoulder muscle is strengthened.

By directly working with fitness clients over the past 10 years, I've developed a proven formula for healing your rotator cuff and preventing an injury from happening again.

A Proven, Step-By-Step System You
Can Use To Overcome Your Shoulder Pain

You'll be able to treat your own rotator cuff injury... without needing to see your doctor.

You'll learn what exercises will help you regain FULL use of your arms again.

This is extremely important for athletes or people that have physical, demanding jobs. This allows them to work without limitation and pain.

If you want to enjoy sports like golfing, swimming, baseball, or other activities that require a strong, healthy shoulder you'll find the steps you need in this program.

If you're looking to have more relief from simply grabbing things off the top shelves or taking the dog for a walk, this program is for you.

How To Quickly Restore
Your Rotator Cuff's Health

If you want to overcome your shoulder pain so you can perform normal daily activities without worry, you'll discover the exercises you need to do that.

Life will be so much better without all the pain. And better yet, you don't have to use the quick-fix "Band Aid" approach of pain pills.

The persistent pain that follows you around all day will be gone.

You'll be able to reach over your head to grab something, pick things up, or stretch and move your shoulder any way you want.

You'll enjoy being active.

Isn't It Time You Got Your Life Back?

With The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises Program... you'll have over 90 pages of exercises and routines specifically designed to develop healthy and strong shoulders...

  • Immediate access to the best stretching exercises
  • Proven strengthening exercises to prevent muscle weakness
  • Over 40 illustrated photos of the exact exercises you need to do
  • Stretches and exercises for injured shoulders... as well as exercises to prevent injuries from happening again!
  • Over 12 proven exercises for rotator cuff tears
  • Tips on how to avoid injury associated with traditional exercises

It has clinically proven exercises and step-by-step training techniques to alleviate pain, heal your rotator cuff, and prevent injuries from ever happening again!

All the exercises are full described, with over full color photographs to illustrate the movements properly.

The ebook is easy to follow and has pictures showing the various moves and exercises.

Here's A Sample Of The Techniques Guaranteed
To End Your Shoulder Pain In As Little As 4 Weeks

  • Learn the proven exercises you need to do to strengthen and heal your rotator cuff

  • Learn how to avoid injury from traditional shoulder exercises

  • Find out how poor posture can lead to a rotator cuff injury

  • Reduce the chances that rotator cuff tendonitis will bother you ever again

  • Understand the different types of shoulder problems and how to fix them

  • Understand how often and how long to stretch for the best results

  • Discover specific range of motion exercises to keep your shoulder moving freely

  • Learn what things you're doing that may contribute to a rotator cuff injury and what simple steps to take to stop it.

  • Find out if machines are safer than free weights for your shoulders

  • Learn why a fitness program is more effective than physical therapy

  • Reduce and eliminate your shoulder pain with these quick and easy exercises

  • Find out the most important stretches for your shoulder

  • Learn proven exercises to decrease stiffness and soreness in your shoulder

  • Find out which daily activities you'll want to avoid

  • Learn how to increase your range of motion in all directions

  • Find out how to sleep at night without pain again

  • Discover the best strengthening exercises to aid healing & recovery

  • Find out the most common shoulder injuries... and how to prevent them

  • Learn why the shoulder is prone to injury... and what to do about it.

  • Discover whether or not dumbbells are safer than machines

  • What you should do immediately if your shoulder injury is slow to heal

  • How to tell when you are ready to get back to regular activity

  • What types of exercise you can do with a rotator cuff injury

  • What sort of modifications you should make to your training after a shoulder injury

  • Find out how you can stop your injury from progressing into something more serious

  • Discover the most effective techniques for your particular condition to make your pain disappear fast

  • How to reduce pain and stiffness and get back into your daily activities

  • Find out the exercises for all types of injury, and all levels of mobility and pain relief.

  • Learn about the most common causes of a rotator injury and how to avoid them

  • Learn how to self-diagnose your rotator cuff injury so you can heal it faster

  • Find out how to adjust your training so you avoid injuring your shoulder again

  • Discover the single best way to prepare your shoulder for exercise

  • Find out which exercises are most likely to give you an injury and what to do about it

  • Learn how to target your shoulder's inner muscles and strengthen them one by one for a completely pain free shoulder

  • Learn the 7 most effective exercises for rotator cuff injuries and eliminating shoulder pain

  • Discover the best stretches for flexibility and pain relief

  • Learn the only strength exercises you should do for shoulder strength and pain relief

  • Find out the best way to get over your shoulder pain and get back to normal

  • Learn the right exercises to get rid of rotator cuff pain in as little as 4 weeks

  • Find out how to avoid the common lifting errors that cause shoulder problems

  • Discover a training routine for people with healthy rotator cuffs that want to prevent future injury

  • Find out how to know if you're dealing with a rotator cuff injury

  • Learn how to eliminate your fear of working out, reaching or lifting if you have a history of shoulder injury and pain

  • Find out how to improve your mobility and flexibility

  • Find out how I fixed rotator cuff problems and and shoulder pain in many clients

  • Find out an easy way to improve shoulder function in athletes... so you can play golf, volleyball, baseball, and any other sport again.

  • Learn the easiest way to sleep through the night without pain again

  • Discover the five main steps for keeping shoulders injury-free

  • Learn the best way to prevent chronic shoulder pain from happening again

  • Learn what the most dangerous exercises for the rotator cuff are... and how to make sure you NEVER do them again!

  • Discover why so many people actually get tendonitis from working out

  • Learn how to work out so you never have to deal with a rotator cuff injury again

  • How to avoid 7 common weightlifting errors that cause major rotator cuff injuries

  • Learn how to greatly reduce your risk of serious rotator cuff injury

  • Find out how to spot common signs and symptoms of a rotator cuff injury... so you can prevent further damage!

  • Discover a training program that will keep your shoulders healthy for life

Say Goodbye To Your Pain And Injury
In Just Four Weeks Or Less!

Right now... you have two choices:

You can do nothing and continue to deal with the pain.

But the thing is... the pain could get worse later on. And it will prevent you from living the life you want.

Or... you can learn a few simple exercises that will help you heal your rotator cuff injury and get rid of your pain for good!

What's more... you can begin using these exercises immediately, within just a few minutes of placing your order.

And You Can Have A Pain Free
Shoulder In Just 4 Weeks!

I want you to be able to live your life again!

Imagine how much happier you'll be when you're able to do all the activities you want to do... without pain or restriction.

Things like getting dressed, reaching up for stuff, lifting your kids, throwing a ball, and so much more.

Why spend another day in misery when you don't have to?

Take control of your problem today and begin using my proven rotator cuff exercise program to reclaim the use of your shoulder!

The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises Program requires minimal equipment and the pictures make it easy to follow.

In Only A Few Weeks, I Healed
My Shoulder And The Pain Was Gone

You get the stretches and exercises I learned, all laid out in a step by step program to follow.

You'll be done in just a few minutes and your shoulders will be better in no time!

Whether you're dealing with...

  • Rotator Cuff Tears And Strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Shoulder Strains, Tears and Imbalances
  • General Mobility, Flexibility And Range Of Motion Problems
  • Loss Of Shoulder Strength
  • The primary goal of the book is stopping the pain through basic exercises to stimulate the healing process in the rotator cuff.

    And once we've stopped the pain that's bothering you, I show you how to prevent a rotator cuff injury from happening again!

    You'll learn simple exercises designed to strengthen your shoulder and the muscles around it so you can handle day to day activities with ease.

    Like I mentioned earlier... during my recovery, I spent countless hours going through medical journals and reports... looking for useful tips and tricks from proven experts in their fields.

    The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises Program is what I came up with.

    Order Now And Become
    Pain-Free, Starting Today!

    Don't live another day with a painful shoulder.

    Download the step-by-step instructions and get started today.

    It doesn't matter if you're man or woman. It doesn't matter if you've got years of experience in a gym, or whether you've never lifted in your life.

    None of that matters. The only thing that matters is investing just a few minutes a week doing the simple exercises!

    This program is for anyone that wants to fix their rotator cuff injury, once and for all, and prevent further injury.

    Stop Putting Up With Annoying
    Rotator Cuff Pain For Ever!

    You can use The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises Program at home or at the gym. It will give you guaranteed results.

    Over the past 10 years working as a personal trainer, I've helped hundreds of clients safely overcome their pain and get back full strength.

    Many of these people came to me worried they'd have to continue suffering with their pain.

    Many were athletes that were dealing with rotator cuff problems that prevented them from pitching well.

    But most were regular, everyday people who just wanted the pain to stop so they could get on with their lives.

    I was able to solve their shoulder problems and end their pain... without having expensive surgery.

    Finally, The Secrets You Can
    Use To Have Pain-Free Shoulders!

    Currently, my personal training clients pay me $100 an hour for consultations. I've trained hundreds of clients on this same exact shoulder pain, and it's taken us almost 10 hours to cover everything.

    These clients happily paid close to $1,000 to have me fix their rotator cuff problems for them... so they could get rid of the pain.

    But here's the thing. Since I was able to put this same exact program down on paper and into ebook format... I don't have to be there in person!

    So I'm not going to charge you the $100 an hour that my in-person clients pay.

    And I'm not going to charge you $200... or $99... or even the original $89 price I intended.

    For a short time only, I'm offering a very limited HALF-PRICE DISCOUNT. If you order today, your investment in this ebook is now only $89.00 $39.95

    You'll get the same stretches and exercises you can use to fix your rotator cuff injury and stop your pain for good...for a fraction of what my clients pay.

    Better yet, you get it instantly, with no shipping costs, so you can start reading this information in minutes.

    Long-Lasting, Permanent Results
    Without The Monthly Expense

    Compared to the cost of doctor visits, over-the-counter remedies, and prescription pain killers, this program pays for itself immediately.

    Look, you're probably spending more each month in doctor's visits, prescription meds or over-the-counter pain killers or muscle rubs alone!

    This ebook will cost less... and will be a permanent solution... so you no longer have to spend the money on the other things.

    I wanted to help out as many people as I possibly can.

    And I made the price affordable enough to do that.

    ORDER NOW And You'll Also Receive These
    6 Bonuses Worth AT LEAST $134.00, Absolutely Free!

    Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to say YES now, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gifts for ordering right now.

    These bonus reports will take all the guesswork and confusion out of picking the right foods, best exercises for abs, fat loss and conditioning  every day and they are yours absolutely FREE if you order today!

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    Precision Nutrition

    This e-book is an extension of the Precision Nutrition program. With 43 pages and 7 chapters, it provides a nice and simple overview of some critical strategies including: the rules of good nutrition, protein intake, balancing dietary acids, altering your eating schedule to make it more PN friendly, preparing foods, eating on the road, revving your metabolism, and more.

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    Super Bonus #3 ($29.95 value): AUDIO INTERVIEW - 1 and a half hour Interview with Dr John Berardi. In this discussion with renowned strength and conditioning specialist Charles Staley, JB covers many facets of the human performance and nutrition game, including program integration, recovery, supplementation, protein requirements and much more.

    Currently, Dr. Berardi is the director of performance nutrition for the Canadian National Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Canoe/Kayak and Bobsleigh/Skeleton teams and is a performance nutrition consultant to a number of elite level individual athletes, sports teams, and Olympic training centers.

    For Less Than The Cost Of One
    Bottle Of Prescription Pain Pills...

    You'll have your very own safe, natural, and effective method for solving your rotator cuff injury.

    Unlike a bottle of pills, the information in this ebook will stay with you a lifetime.

    And you can stop wasting your money on expensive doctor visits. This is a very inexpensive and practical way to fix your shoulder pain.

    8-Week No-Risk Unconditional
    100% Money-Back Guarantee:

    After seeing so many men and women get rid of their rotator cuff injury by using these exercises... I'm confident you'll get similar results as well.

    But since you don't know me personally, you may have some doubts whether this ebook can live up to my claims. And I completely understand that.

    So please, let me take all the risk. Test this ebook out at my expense!

    I'm confident you'll be thrilled with your results from using it. But you really have no way of knowing that yet, so I want to eliminate all worry for you...

    Get this ebook now and try my proven shoulder exercises.

    If, for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with what they've done for you, simply let me know within 8 weeks and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

    Absolutely no questions asked. Period. That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.

    I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this ebook is for you.

    Just get it and try it out.

    If it doesn't do everything I say... if you haven't healed your rotator cuff injury... if you're not moving your shoulders around freely, with less pain... if you don't feel like your life has totally changed for the better... just email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. Quickly and easily.

    So you really have nothing to lose because you can change your mind later.

    Please, don't procrastinate and "think about it". If you're tired of not being able to do the activities you want, or live day to day without shoulder pain... you can change that right now.

    Save the time, effort, and frustration. I've already spent the time and money trying to learn this stuff.

    Use my experience as your shortcut guide to stopping your shoulder pain, once and for all!

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    The Ebook For Only $39.95

    Your Friend and Coach
    Gregg Swanson, ISSA, NESTA-CPT
    Life Fitness Coach

    ISSA LogoPFT Certification

    P.S. Don't forget, you've got nothing to lose (except for pain) by trying this guide out. If you're not pain free within 4 weeks... or if you're unsatisfied for any reason... you get a full, no questions asked refund. It's that simple.

    I want you to feel the thrill of being able to do whatever you want again... without the worry of pain.

    I can tell you from first hand experience how much better your life will be... when you become free from this anxiety.

    Now you can do the daily activities you want to do. You can sleep better at night. No more worry and no more anxiety. No more pain pills or smelly muscle ointments.

    You can lift your kids over your head without worry... grab anything you want from the highest shelf in the store.

    You can throw that baseball without pain, or get a full set of reps on the bench press.

    No matter what you do... you'll no longer be stressed out and full of anxiety and worry. Can you imagine how you'll feel?

    Well, I can tell you... it's like having a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

    But the thing is... you must make a start.

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    Read through the exercises. Train with them and use them as your own.

    Just a few short weeks from today... you can change your life... your days of shoulder pain and anxiety are GONE.

    I've done it and hundreds of other people like me have done it. I'm sure it will work for you as well.

    Don't wait and think about it. Order it now while it's still fresh on your mind and you can start using these proven exercises to fix your rotator cuff and make your shoulder feel like new again.

    P.P.P.S. Look, I know what it's like to be in constant pain from a rotator cuff injury. I know what it's like to have the anxiety... wondering when my shoulder is going to start hurting me again.

    But take it from me... your shoulder doesn't have to hurt. It doesn't have to cause you pain and grief. It CAN be fixed, and you can start today.

    And since I've found the way to fix my rotator cuff injury, I want to help you do the same as well.

    Please, Don't Wait and "Think About It"

    If you do that, your condition won't change. You have to make the first step... in order to change it.

    Click the button right now, get the book instantly and start on the path toward a pain-free future.

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    The Ebook For Only $39.95

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