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"The 5 Major Reasons Why Your Prospects Will NOT Buy From You"

(And How I've Learned to Overcome These 5 Objections and Persuade More People to Buy What You're Selling...)

My job as your copywriter is to persuade more people to buy your products and services.

And having sold over $314.5 million dollars worth of products and services for myself and for 184 clients... I've learned a LOT about why people buy.

But more importantly, I've also discovered why people DON'T buy.

In the last 18 years of working in sales, I've learned there are 5 major reasons why prospects won't buy from you.

In fact, these are the same 5 universal objections we ALL use during the "buying" process.

So if your website doesn't address and overcome each of these objections...

The Sale Will NOT Happen!

Here are the 5 main objections to ANY sale...

    1. Your prospect feels they're too busy and they just don't have the time to read your sales letter.

    2. Your prospect isn't interested in what you have.

    3. Your prospect says they don't see any difference with your product or service.

    4. Your prospect doesn't BELIEVE your claims.

    5. Your prospect says they want to "think about it"... so they wait and don't make a buying decision.

The good news is... I've also learned a proven system of writing sales copy that overcomes these 5 main objections... increasing your conversions and sales as a result.

For example, here's how I handle the first objection:

    1. Your prospect feels they're too busy and they just don't have the time to read your sales letter.
How I've been able to overcome this objection in all my sales letters is by giving the reader a very valuable tip or technique they can use right away.

By offering up good content and making your sales letter LOOK and actually BE valuable, your prospect will continue reading because they feel like there's more golden nuggets of information ahead.

So How About Objection #2...

    2. Your prospect isn't interested in what you have.

This is why I create specific, benefit-filled headlines that address your prospect's urgent problem or specific need.

When I write your headline, it shows your prospect why they need to read your letter... because it addresses THEIR specific problems or desires.

If the headline is directly aimed at solving your prospect's problems... they WILL stop and read the letter.

And then the 3rd objection...

    3. Your prospect doesn't believe you.

This is why I use a TON of proof in all of my sales letters.

And it's why I place testimonials, case studies, research reports, test results, before and after pics, and other proof elements in specific places throughout your copy.

Nobody buys without proof and without first believing what you say is true. So it's my job to make sure your sales copy has plenty of proof.

Again, my proven system addresses and overcomes all 5 major objections... so that persuasion and sales just happen naturally.

This process is why I've been able to write top sales letters in so many different markets.

How Has My System Done?

Well, on the tab marked "Testimonials", you can see for yourself the pages of success stories I've received from happy clients.

Here are a few other successes I've been able to enjoy...

  • One sales letter I wrote for a "Quit Smoking" program sold over $253,500 worth of ebooks in less than 43 days.
  • An email series I wrote for a chiropractor brought him $255,200 worth of NEW business last year alone. (It's on track to do EVEN better this year)
  • A sales letter I wrote for a hypnotherapist client brought in 32 new clients. This totaled over $366,000 worth of new revenue for her.
  • A sales letter I did last year for a real estate agent brought in over $650,000 worth of new home sales for him.
  • A sales letter I wrote for a breast surgeon not only produced $330,000 in sales last year, he sold his company for millions.

  • I did a direct mail letter for a local dentist back in 2005 and he said it doubled sales each year. He did 1.4 million last year and had to expand.
  • One client sold 2300 copies of his "Gluten-Free" ebook within 3 days. The copy has converted as high as 6.4% and broughtback over $10.23 for every dollar he spent on Google ads.
  • One sales letter I wrote ran for 2 years unchanged and raked in over 2.2 million in sales for my bodybuilding ebook
  • A sales letter one client paid me $2,000 for has brought him over $225,000 in sales in one year.
  • An arthritis supplement I wrote copy for went on to sell over $240,000 in a year.

What I Can Do For You...

I've been helping entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and small business owners increase their sales and profits for over 18 years now.

Here are some of the things I can do for you...

  • Optin Pages/Squeeze Pages - If you're giving away content to try and collect names and emails, my optin pages average between 40% and 60% conversion rates.
  • Website Sales Letters (Long And Short Copy) - I know you don't have money to waste, I get that. That's why I'll only use proven principles of salesmanship when I write your ads.

    What's left is a piece of riveting copy that's like a greased slide, taking your prospect down the path all the way to the order form. The end result is a massive boost in sales.
  • Video Sales Letters (Long And Short) - Video sales letters are outperforming many other methods of marketing right now.

    Whether you need the sales script only or the ENTIRE video sales letter done for you... I'll get you a video sales letter that's set up to do one thing: make the most sales and money possible!

  • Website Copy Critiques - Using my 18 years of copy experience and personal 18-point checklist of what MUST be in any sales letter, I'll tell you what's missing and what must be changed so your sales and profits can increase.
  • Email Campaigns - I'll write emails that build instant rapport with your prospect and persuade them to BUY what you're selling. By staying in contact with prospects on your list, you'll have the chance to sell to them, over and over again.
  • Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook Campaigns - I've spent close to a million dollars of my own money on Google, Bing, and Facebook to drive a stampede of traffic to my own sites. I've learned methods that significantly lower cost per click and skyrocket click through rates.
  • Direct mail sales copy - If you have a sales letter you're looking to send out with direct mail, I can help you design a campaign that not only gets opened and read, but also fills your mailbox with cash and checks.

  • I've written copy for health, weight loss, fitness, biz opp, internet marketing, financial publishing, information marketing, self-improvement, self-defense, stock trading, real estate, supplements, mortgage brokers, and simply too many other markets and niches to list here.

    If you need copy that will actually SELL... or you need a top copywriting pro to create your video sales letter, Google Adwords, Facebook, or email campaigns...

    Get on the Track to More Sales, Conversions, and Sign Ups

    If you have a current project you need done, let me know a little more about it and I'll tell you exactly what I can do to increase your sales and profits.

    You can call me right now at 207-514-5096 (EST).

    You can

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